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Two Sharks: A Conversation

rr: people in shark cages are stupid
Ah: yessum
rr: people out of them are even more so
rr: why do humans bother sharks?
Ah: 'cause it's FUNNNN
Ah: and MANLY
Ah: yeaaah
rr: ;-;
Ah: / sobs with you
rr: hammerheads like swimming in circles for no reason
Ah: 'cause it's fun duh
rr: "sand tigers hunt before theyre even born"
rr: ...?
rr: ;-;
Ah: wooot
Ah: oh yeah like tigers beat each other up in the womb before they're born
rr: idkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ah: sharks*
Ah: bollocks
rr: the embryos eat each other
rr: >.>
rr: thats not nice
rr: *wags fiinger*
rr: *finger is eaten*
Ah: I know right?
Ah: it's like
Ah: how can embryos even do that
Ah: o-o
rr: ;-;
rr: "mama, what happened to bubby?"
rr: "you ate him sweety"
Ah: oooh
Ah: lol
Ah: "uhhh"
Ah: "i mean *sobs*"

rr: "did i tell you about that one time i ate your cousin?"
Ah: "o-o"
Ah: "My cousin is dead???"

rr: "several of your cousins are dead"
rr: "i was hungry"

Ah: "oh"
Ah: "...are you still hungry?"

rr: "nope, i ate a surfer"
rr: "he was a little stringy"

Ah: "...good"
rr: "have you seen your father lately?"
Ah: "well I er..."
Ah: "I ate him, actually, but he wouldn't let me play video gaaaames!"

rr: "good, he was a bastard"
rr: "he took a bit out of my tail fin"

Ah: "Owe!"
rr: "Well, to be fair, I took one of his eyes in return"
rr: "dont eat shark eyes"
rr: "they are gross"

Ah: "Yes mummy"
Ah: *puts previous shark eye into sand below*

rr: "Who did that belong to?"
Ah: "...s'nobody.."
rr: "well, its not mine, so what do i care?"
rr: "is it my mums?"

Ah: "Aw nom, Grammy is cool.  It's Jack's...you know...that kid who lives by the corral?"
rr: "Jack,jack,jack, Oh! him!"
Ah: "Yeah, him!"
rr: "was he an easy catch?"
Ah: "Oh yeah, pff pretty lame"
rr: "what a shame"
rr: "hey, i heard there was a ship wreck 10 miles out, want to go check it out?"
Ah: "Sure, sounds like fun!"
Ah: "You're the best, Mom!"

rr: "Thank you deary"



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